Our Services

Events & Conferences

The Event and Conference Services department's mission is to provide you with comprehensive event services in campus rentals with a focus on customer satisfaction and retention, while providing a consistent experience to each individual for every event. Our team serves to maintain the community's perception of our client as a supportive partner in event management.

We can help you plan events such as:

  • Dealer Meet
  • Employee Meet
  • Tech Day
  • Product Launch

Please contact us when planning your next event, and we'll find the right space to fit your needs!

Dealer Meet

Organized as part of relationship marketing. They enhance communication channel between companies and its dealers, and build network. We design creative set-ups for Dealer meets as per company requirement. Our production in house solutions add great value to your dealer meets. Quick set up and tool less solutions make it popular for hospitality venues.

Employee Meet

Increase team participation and provide a forum for sharing information. Companies use this platform for rewards and recognition, announcements and even informal gatherings

Tech Day

Organized as a platform to learn and understand technology, specifically related to company's product offerings. Attendees include clients and dealers (current and prospective). With the help of improved technology we create innovative stands and modular set ups for Tech days that include product displays, history walls, receptions and more…

Product Launch

Whether it's a big, bold entertaining reveal or an informative 'show and tell' we can bring together the technical know-how and creative styling to experientially bring your brand to life.

Our technician's ability to manage lighting and audio visual systems to seamlessly draw the audience's attention from speaker to focal points and back again is just part of the specialist knowledge we have in delivering product launches with impact.

We are continually developing innovative technological solutions to create exciting communication outcomes. We have been lucky enough to be involved with many leading brands looking to change the paradigm and push the boundaries of their product launch.