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Portable Modular Exhibition Solutions

Portable Exhibition Kit

Portable the name define something that we can carry any were at any time, being using this concept into Exhibition and Events Industry makes life simpler with the Portable Exhibition Kit solutions. Worrying about how to get an easy and convenient set up during an exhibition? Don’t worry anymore. Choose the most sustainable, easy-to-install and dismantle solution, the Portable Exhibition Kit. Portable exhibition stall consists of pop-up displays, kiosks and counters. Extremely easy to carry and transport, the portable exhibition kit can be carried anywhere hassle-free. Varying sizes and reconfigurable feature makes this portable exhibition stall one of the best options for your exhibition.

  • Key Features
  • Re-Configurable, Easy to Transport, East to Install and Dismantle, Complete tool free, One time investment, same structure different design.

  • Kit Usage
  • Exhibitions, Trade Show, Product Control, Mall Activity, Conference, Corporate Presentation, Training Programmes.

Modular Exhibition Stand Design

We Design and Execute Exhibition standard system material like Octonorm 8k and Maxima 4k.Using the concept of modular structure for versatile spaces for your exhibitions, then the modular exhibition stand is the answer to your search. The modular exhibition stand includes of pre-engineered parts that create professional stall designs with Walls, Roofs and Rooms. These stands are reusable and can be reconfigured for a multiple number of times. You can now build myriad stand designs with the modular exhibition stand by simply adding or reducing few of its modular parts. With attractive and effective stand graphics, the modular exhibition stand is portable and interchangeable. They conveniently adapt to various exhibition floors plans, thereby offering a high return on investment.

  • Key Features
  • Professional Setup with Pre Engineering Parts, Adapt almost exhibition floor plan, Reconfigurable, Consistent Look, Eco friendly, Better ROI, Medium and Large scale Exhibition